Everyone want to do an ICO, not everyone succeed.

As ICO numbers have grown exponentially over the past months, it becomes more and more complex to stand out from others. It requires a proper preparation, a clear branding, and a smart marketing execution. We open our network of international experts and provide you with the right expertise whenever you need it.

Upscalers is dedicated to help smart people build and grow innovative companies that want to contribute to simplify and improve people’s life and leave a positive footprint behind them.

Our strong expertise, building communities

The most demanded and difficult part is to engage with people, demonstrate your ability to execute and let them join your vision.

Our team has top notch branding and growth hackers experts with years of experience working with big companies and startups. We use proven methods to develop YOUR community for YOUR project. We adapt to your need the channel we use to attract both investors and users.

Our growth hackers are located in the main blockchain & ICO countries as well as in the most dynamic hub such as Easter Europe & Asia.

When you succeed, we succeed

What we offer

As we have done several ICOs, we have our own methodology for launching a successful ICO. Working with us is a garantee for you to focus on developing your project while achieving your fundraising.

We see consequent dealflow. Our analysts are also screening the market. Thus, we can advise on your ICO strategy.

Defining the token structure making sure it has an interest for the ecosystem and that is compliant with regulation. We work consequently with your lawyer

We offer a strategic and marketing review of your white paper. If you wish, we can also draft the white paper at a complementary cost.


Upscalers strong expertise is Growth Hacking. We build communities of investors and users to help you achieve your ICO goals. Read more by clicking above on Marketing package.

We create your token and build your smart contract with escrow account for your ICO. We make an audit of your smart contract code by an external company.

We are working hands in hands with your legal advisor. Depending on your ICO’s country, we can recommend top firms to support you.


This step is key to position your ICO as a trustable project and brand and as a unique game changer. We work with you to define the best option.

We build unique dedicated websites that convert based on your audience and your needs. We can use your own visuals or create everything for you from scratch.


We use in house growth hacking methods to build a specific community (Telegram, Medium, Slack,…) of investors AND users for you ICO. We have our team of growth hackers around the world.

We work with the best ICO PR agencies all strongly connected in each continent with the ecosystem to ensure crème de le crème results.



Hard cap : 24M $ reached

Based in Liechtenstein


Hard cap : 12M $ reached

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2018

Hard cap : 26M $

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria

April 2018

Hard cap : 30M $

Based in Paris, France

June 2018

Hard cap : 50M $

Based in NYC, USA

May 2018

Hard cap : 10M $

Based in Paris, France


Yoann Benhacoun has founded Upscalers. With international work experience in banking and entrepeurship (First startup Acquired) he has extensive connections in the blockchain ecosystem. He is also Managing Director of StartupBootcamp France, #1 worlwide startup Accelerator.

Upscalers has a team of 10+ people across the globe from lead advisors to Growth hackers and additional ressources when needed